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A messy office is fun for nobody. Need a fast solution to this workplace junk problem? If so, contact your friends at Junk-IT and ask about your office clean out services in South Florida today.

Office Junk Removal Services

A clean office is a great place to get a week’s worth of work done. However, offices can sometimes be messy, cluttered environments. If you’ve ever been stuffed away in a messy office, then you already know how difficult it can be to focus in such a chaotic environment. When cardboard boxes are piled up to the ceiling and garbage is strewn about, good luck looking away from the disaster and at your computer screen. Junk is like a bad haircut, and it’s hard to not stare. If only there was an easy solution to your office junk nearby… oh, wait, there is, and it’s called office clean out services from Junk-IT!

We understand that when you have an office to keep up with, there’s hardly any time left over for do-it-yourself business junk removal. Fortunately, we’ll be there soon to do all the work for you. We’re based in Jupiter, so it’s a sure bet we can be there on time. Additionally, our professional crew will happily haul your junk away with no hassles and no complaints. It doesn’t get better than this, and what’s more, we’ll available to help you right away! Contact us online to schedule a free estimate, or give us a phone call at 844-747-3377.

Why Junk-IT?

When it comes to expertise in the junk removal field, it’s hard to beat what Junk-IT has to offer. We are a network of junk removal businesses spanning multiple big city areas, including Atlanta, Denver, and your very own Florida, as well. What this provides us with is experience in all kinds of junk removal jobs in the biggest junk removal markets that exist. Needless to say, we’ve seen it all. From single-item pickups to property cleanouts, when our clients need to lose the junk and reclaim their space, we’re the go-to authority. In other words, in the war against us and junk, junk loses every time.

When we lead the charge against your office space’s clutter, you can just sit back and enjoy the show. That’s because our full-service staff does all the work for you! Focus on whatever tasks you have at the workplace, and we’ll worry about hauling away everything you’d like to get rid of. Once we’ve loaded it onto our truck, we’ll dispose of it for you as well. This even includes donating your gently used office items to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and other similar charities.

How Much Will It Cost?

Let’s talk about pricing for a moment. You’ll be pleased to know that we stray away from hidden fees and instead provide you with an upfront service quote with no tricks involved. Once you’ve agreed to our quoted price, we honor it from start to finish. No upcharges and no playing dirty!

How Office Clean Out Services Work

  1. When we hop in our truck and start driving towards your office, we will call you so you know to expect us. After you receive our call, it’ll be about fifteen minutes before we arrive.
  2. Upon our arrival, give us the rundown on everything in your office you’d like us to haul away, from desks and tables to electronics and cabinets. Then, approve our upfront service quote.
  3. Our professionals will proceed to haul away all your office junk. Remember, we’ll never saddle you with any unfair surcharges along the way. We play nice when we clean out your office!
  4. Finally, after we’ve confirmed we hauled away everything you wanted gone, we’ll sweep up behind ourselves, accept your payment, then get out of there.

Cubicle Removal in South Florida

In addition to removing office furniture and electronics, we can also take on the disassembly and removal of cubicles. While this can be an difficult process, it’s nothing that the Junk-IT crew can’t handle. We’ll begin by seeing what kind of cubicle you have, then bring over the necessary tools to take the cubicle apart. Generally, this includes items such as screwdrivers, wrenches, and pry bars. After disassembling the cubicles, we can either store them for you or take them away for disposal. Note that we will recycle whenever feasible, as it’s the eco-friendly thing to do. Enjoy your new “open air” office!

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