Fence Removal in South Florida

Without a reliable team like Junk-It, removing fence posts can be a painful, drawn-out process. Instead, call us for affordable fence removal services on your terms!


Fence Removal You Can Count On

Having to replace your fence can feel like an extra worry weighing down on your peaceful headspace. Without the proper know-how and equipment, however, one should not take on their own fence demolition and removal. Not only can it be a frustrating, time-consuming process, it can be dangerous too! That’s why at Junk-It, we believe it best to book our crew for fence removal in this situation. Our team specializes in many junk removal services, including light demolition! After years of experience and learning, our team is fully equipped and ready to take on your fence removal services efficiently and safely. In fact, they can get to your service as soon as today! That’s because our responsive, dedicated team works hard to make same-day service possible.

Why Us?

Junk-It is a locally-owned junk hauling company offering expert-level fence removal at unbeatable prices. In the field for over 5 years, our company prides itself in bigger trucks and better pricing for an overall smoother customer experience for you! Our team is full-service too- so you can expect them to handle every step along the way of your fence removal services. That even includes cleanup! We end every service with a quick sweep-up to leave your place squeaky clean.

Are you concerned about what your price may be? Relax- our volume-based system keeps your fence removal cost super competitive and affordable. We just need to see the size of your fence, and from there we’ll give you a fair price based on the volume of debris. And, that’s it! We won’t add any other fees or charges to your bill.


  1. Our first step for any service is to schedule an appointment. Just reach out to our team through a phone call or request a service online!
  2. When our crew is heading your way for your fence removal appointment, they’ll call you to let you know. They’ll make sure to arrive on time, if not early.
  3. After greeting you with warm and friendly attitudes, our pros will check out your old fence to get a firm grasp on pricing. Then, they’ll give you a free, no-obligation quote!
  4. If you’re satisfied with the price, just let us know. That way, we can start the fence demolition process straight away!

Wooden Fence Removal

When it comes to our fence removal services, we often tackle wooden fences. Considering our pros understand the ins and outs of fence removal and cover every step, scheduling us for wooden fence removal is the way to go! With us, all you’ll have to do is schedule an appointment, approve your quote, and pay our guys when the process is done. Everything else, from demolition to debris cleanup, you can leave to us. Additionally, we take care of fence debris disposal responsibly by recycling. Since wood is a valuable resource found in many everyday items, it’s better off recycled and reused!

Curious about what to expect at your fence removal appointment? Here’s a brief rundown. First, we must get your approval on our price before breaking down that fence. Once you do that, we’ll bring all the tools we need to complete the job efficiently and risk-free outside and get started! Using hammers, we’ll start removing fence panels! After knocking them loose, removing attached nails, and setting everything aside, we’ll be left with the fence posts. We’ll then pry the framing fence posts from out of the ground and remove any other nails. Once all the bits and pieces of your old fence are dismantled, we’ll load up all the debris, sweeping up any smaller pieces we miss! And finally, after receiving your payment, we’ll head to a local construction debris recycling site.




About Us

Have you ever had a damaged or just all-around old fence that you wanted replaced? Or a broken appliance? Perhaps, your home is simply cluttered with junk? These are all real life situations that call for junk removal with Junk-It. At Junk-It, we’re a friendly, local crew that provides full-service fence removal, appliance removal, and just about any other junk removal service- you name it and we do it! Our company dates back to 2016, when a local Jupiter, FL father and son came together to serve the community. With extensive franchising experience, Ron Sacco and his son saw a perfect opportunity with junk removal.

Since beginning the top-rated junk hauling company that is Junk-It, we’ve established many chapters nationally. Our franchise has locations in Denver, Atlanta, Oklahoma City, and many more. The best part is, all our branches practice the same eco-friendly disposal methods! As a whole, our company puts eco-friendly disposal at the top of their list.

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Call 844-747-3377 or Email us at info@junk5.com for an instant service quote

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