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hoarder cleanout is just a phone call away. Contact Junk-IT, and we’ll arrange an appointment with you!

Our Hoarding Junk Removal Services

Some people wind up in situations where they’re surrounded by hoarded junk. Sometimes, these people become ashamed and feel like they can’t ask for help. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Junk-IT wants you to enjoy an easier, more relaxing life, and the first step towards getting there is cleaning up the hoard. Let us take on that responsibility for you! Our hoarding cleanup services are available now for our South Florida clients.

Why Our Hoarding Cleanup Services?

Hoards can spiral out of control if left unattended. What this means is that many hoards of junk become overwhelming—too overwhelming for one person to handle on their own, in fact. We understand that hoarders may have problems removing their junk on their own for psychological reasons, too.

Don’t worry. We are happy to clean up the hoard for you, providing you with respect and courtesy all the while. Our prices to remove hoarding junk are agreeable, too. You’ll simply pay a volume-based rate, meaning jobs of any size will be priced on the same sliding scale.

How It Works

  1. We won’t waste your time by showing up late. Instead, expect us to be there right on time, every time. We’ll call you when we’re close.
  2. Upon our arrival, just show our team all your unwanted junk. Then, accept our quote, and they’ll be happy to leap into action.
  3. Next, the Junk-IT team will remove all your junk, one load after another. After it’s all loaded in our truck, your space will look much nicer!
  4. Now that the hoarded junk is out of your way, we’ll sweep up behind ourselves, accept your payment, and head out of there!

Hoarder Furniture Removal

Have you wound up with more furniture than necessary over the years? Perhaps there’s no point in holding on to those stacks of chairs, that broken desk, and that tattered sofa. If you feel that you’re only holding on to them for sentimental reasons, consider the valuable space all those furniture items are using up. Then, if you’ve decided you should get rid of them, contact Junk-IT. Our furniture removal is quick and straight to the point. We’ll hoist up furniture, even if it’s heavy and requires two pairs of hands. Then, we’ll load it onto our truck. It’s that simple.

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