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Junk-IT offers a broad range of junk removal services in South Florida!

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When you need to take on a junk removal project, which would you rather do? Handle all that exhausting work on your own or let the professionals at Junk-IT do it all for you? Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner in the South Florida area, you can say goodbye to the clutter by leaving it to the professionals. We make that possible with our junk removal services in South Florida. Now, when you’ve got junk, all you have to do is point at it. Then, we’ll make it disappear in front of your very eyes!

Our Services

A good summary of everything we do is that we remove junk from your property. From household items to wares and equipment from your business, we make getting rid of this stuff simple. Bring us in, and we’ll load it onto our truck. No stress and no headaches.
Appliances can be pretty heavy. Sometimes, they’re too heavy for you to safely move on your own. In these scenarios, contact us and our full-service haulers will be able to do what you can’t. That way, nobody gets hurt and no damages occur.
Sometimes, construction debris just piles up, eventually spiraling out of control. In this scenario, what should you do? Slam the brakes on your construction or remodeling project? No—contact us for the construction waste cleanup you need instead!
Our demolition contractors know how to properly attend to an unwanted small structure. Safe demolition requires training and tools that you might not have on hand. That’s why you should entrust this sort of work to our pros. We are fully insured.
Electronics shouldn’t just be tossed into the landfill. They should be recycled properly to help the environment and slow the rate of landfill waste. You can count on us to recycle all of your electronics the responsible way. We’ll get the job done right!
It can be frustrating and even exhausting to clean out an entire foreclosed property. What are you dealing with? Furniture? Appliances? Clothing, toys, and exercise equipment? In any of these cases, we can declutter the property from top to bottom.
Furniture can be heavy, awkwardly sized, and a pain in your neck to haul away. You’re just one person, and you can’t do this work alone. Make the reasonable choice and let us, a full-service crew, do the work instead.
Over time, hot tubs can become truly disgusting, filling up with dirt, grime, leaves, and other things you’d probably rather not bathe in. Is it time to get rid of your old hot tub altogether? Then get in touch with us for the fast, affordable service you need.
Is it time to move from one household to another? For local moves, we are happy to help with the packaging, transportation, and hauling of your belongings. We help with moves within Martin County, St. Lucie County, and Palm Beach County.
An important part of what we do is recycling, especially recyclable materials such as paper and cardboard. When you have mounds of paper and cardboard that you’d rather not send to the dump, get in touch with us for an eco-friendly, affordable alternative.
Thinking about upgrading your television? Remember, something has to happen to your old televisions, too. Whether you’re getting rid of something vintage or a flat screen with a crack in it, you can call on us for TV disposal that quick and simple.
We also tidy up lawns, yards, and exteriors for our clients. Dealing with a bunch of dead leaves? How about piles of sticks and branches that a storm blew into your yard? We are the one-stop shop for yard debris removal services near you.

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